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New Book: A Practical Method to Learn and Improve Your Java Skill

Author: Sar Maroof

Book title: Java Quizmaster For Beginners

Will be published soon!

About The Author

Sar Maroof is graduated from HBO Amsterdam “higher professional education”. He earned also a bachelor of science degree in Physics.

He was a teacher before he started several professional training sessions to work as a Java web developer. Combining his two experiences of teaching and developing web applications for more than a decade, inspired him to write this book.


About This Book

Thousands of words cannot describe a face better than a picture. This principle applies also to learning programming.
When I started to learn Java, the focus was on theoretical explanations. Every lesson contained many terms and vocabularies. My background and experience as a teacher made me always critical whether that boring method was the best way to teach Java.

My experience of developing web applications for more than a decade, inspired me to discover that there is a faster and more interesting method than the traditional one to learn Java. The most effective way is not to bother with theories in the beginning, but rather working with Java code and start programming. Change the variables, statements and test the code over and over again to see what happen.

This book offers many complete small code (quizzes) to practice programming from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the computer doesn’t explain how it comes with a specific result. This book provides a step by step explanation of the right answers of all the quizzes. This is a very practical method for Java students to understand the process.

This method helps beginners to avoid the boring terms and theories in the beginning, but focus on testing the code. When the result of executing the programs doesn’t match the expectation of the student, he starts to think about a problem that he cannot solve.
In that way programming becomes solving problems, which is the most interesting method to learn it. When you cannot solve a problem, you start to think about a solution. When you start to think about a solution, you have a specific goal to achieve and that is the principle of this book.

This book provides many quizzes categorized by Java topics. You might never use some of the Java topics during your whole carrier. However, some other topics are used almost in every program.


Who can benefit the most from this book?

This book is specially designed for beginner programmers. However, the quizzes (code) could be interesting and useful also for intermediate programmers to train their minds.


The content of this book? (this website) contains many Java articles, exercises and quizzes, which are offered free. However, this book uses many quizzes to demonstrate important Java topics. The quizzes of this book are exclusive and cannot be found else where, not even on MegiSoft. Here below is what you get.

  1. This book offers a concise explanation of the below mentioned Java topics. 
  2. The quizzes start with easy exercises and they become harder so that programmers learn and exercise their minds by solving problems.
  3. In addition to the correct answers of all the quizzes, this book offers also a step by step explanation so that you understand exactly why executing the program leads to that specific result.
  4. Each quiz is a new challenge, and I tried to demonstrate something to learn in addition to the mind training. For example, there are quizzes about Java Arrays starts with defining an array, adding elements to it, copy it and sort the elements. You can use this book to find a fast and an easy solution of what you need to program.
  5. This book includes all the source code so that you can compile and run them using Eclipse or any other Java editor. You can change the code and try to expect the result. This is a complete practical, independent and an interesting method to learn Java.
  6. The nice design of the code makes it pleasant to think and focus on the solutions directly in the book. You can take it with you and think about the quizzes while you are in a train or on the beach. When you start to work with Java code, you start to enjoy every minute of learning programming.


1- Data Types and Variables

2- Operators

3- Control Statements

3A- Conditional Statements

3-B Iteration (Loop) Statements

4- Classes, Objects and Constructors

5- Methods

6- Access Modifiers

7- Arrays

8- Strings and StringBuffers

9- Static Members and Variables

10- Inheritance

11- Final Keywords & Final Classes

12- Abstract Classes

13- Interfaces

14- Casting Objects

15- Nested Classes

16- Handling Exceptions

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  1. Are the quizzes of your book similar to your Java quizzes on DZone website?

    1. Not really! The quiz series, which I publish on Dzone are mostly designed for advanced level. However, this book is for beginner programmers.

  2. Can you publish some chapters or pages of the book? I am just curious about the answer explanations of the quizzes. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Thomas for your question. As soon as the book is published, I will provide you a link to some of the chapters here.

  3. Please, leave your feedback and comment below and you are welcome to express your opinion and wishes. I will do my best to take all your opinions in consideration!

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